Edinburgh Christmas markets

Sometimes it’s good to try something different. When my camera club suggested a photowalk to the Edinburgh Christmas markets, I was immediately hooked. I’ve shot the markets twice before – both times over 10 years ago – so I was keen to see if I could see them again with a fresh eye. I took two camera bodies with me. Both micro four thirds, both with prime lenses. It’s a new style of shooting for me, and I was looking forward to finding out how well it would work for me.

It was a bigger challenge than I expected. Even with fast prime lenses, the low light and constant movement made it difficult to capture images that I really liked. My friends reported the same frustrations.

Truth to tell, we didn’t spend much time at the Christmas markets. Once we got started, the photowalk had a life of its own, and since none of us were experienced street photographers, we took a collective decision to challenge ourselves with some street. 

Like most photowalks, my hit rate was about one in eight, but it was fun, I took some photos I wouldn’t normally take, and – happily – I took home a few images that I really liked.

But it wasn’t half cold.


The coffee drinker

Two friends enjoying a coffee


3 thoughts on “Edinburgh Christmas markets

  1. I like the one with the guy’s back in the window, especially the hazy imperfections, and how that strip along the bottom is reminiscent of a light leak in a film camera. Plus, aside from the phone on the table, it could perhaps have been taken any time in the last 30 years…


    1. Thanks Dan. At least three of us took variations of that scene. It was such a timeless image. I loved my street photography taster: we’ve planned something again for the new year.


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