I’ve been scanning a lot of old film recently. Or maybe not that old. It was all shot between 1983 and 1987, and it feels old to me, because I’m looking back at the events of my life when I was transitioning from student life to adulthood.

Featured image: Light leak, unidentified film stock

Truth to tell, most of the photos are fairly ordinary. Certainly not the sort I would share online. Parties, friends, days out. My photography has come a long way since then. Sometimes I see a fragment of the photographer I would become, restricted by the limitations of shooting film without access to a darkroom.

And sometimes, on those old films, I see frames that have never been exposed. At first, I ignored them, but after scanning one by accident, I have come to love them. The grain is organic, beautiful perhaps, in a way that digital noise doesn’t even come close to.

So if you’re looking for authentic film grain to use as a texture, feel free to use these here. And please let me know how you’ve used them. I’ve used some of these, very successfully, in Affinity Photo. I’m sure that they would work just as well as textures in On1 Raw, Photoshop, or any other layered photo editor.

Most scans were made on my Plustek 8100 using Vuescan. Where I know the film stock, I’ve identified it, but I often used to use generic film. It was all I could afford when I was a student – so it isn’t always possible to identify the emulsion.

Grain sample - Konica SR 100 (dark)
Konica Color SR 100 (dark)

Grain sample - Konica SR 100 (light)
Konica Color SR 100 (light)

Grain sample - Kodak Gold
Kodak Gold, with slight light leak

Grain sample - Unidentified film
Light leak, unidentified film

One thought on “Grain

  1. when i started to use camera and my first camerasc were digital cameras, i used to add textures like these to my shoots with a goal to make them more authentic. today, when i also use film and high ISO for digital BW – i have these textured originally added without any PS, that i dont use anymore 😉
    but thank you for the great memories 😉


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