Barns Ness Lighthouse to Thorntonloch Beach

With photowalks, you take the weather you get. And in Scotland, in midwinter, that often means dreich. We got to Barns Ness for one o’clock, which gave us two and a half hours of daylight. The weather forecast was ideal – ‘sunshine and clouds’.

Featured image: The lightkeeper’s house at Barns Ness Lighthouse, Barns Ness, Dunbar, Scotland

Sadly, it wasn’t to be. When we arrived at Barns Ness, there was 90% cloud cover. When we arrived at Skateraw, there was still 90% cloud cover. While we followed the unpromising concrete walkway round Torness Nuclear Power Station, it was threatening rain. When we arrived at Thorntonloch, the cloud cover had improved to 80%, but it was one of those days when it never got properly light. And now it was getting dark.

Oh well. I guess that’s what black and white conversions were made for.

All images shot using Olympus OMD-10 Mark II with 7Artisans 25mm f1.8. Processed using DxO Photolab and DxO filmpack. Panorama created using Affinity Photo

Barns Ness, Dunbar
The rotting remains of an old wooden dock, washed up on the beach at Barns Ness

Lime kiln, Skateraw
19th century limekiln, Skateraw. This walk is a treasure of industrial architecture. If you want to follow this route, the walkway crosses the top of the limekiln.

The harbour, Torness
The harbour, Torness

Coastal defences, Torness
Harbour defences

The walkway from Torness to Thorntonloch
The walkway that skirts the boundary of the nuclear power station

The breakwater, Torness harbour
The breakwater, Torness

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