Fujifilm Finepix E550

The Fujilfilm Finepix E550 was my first serious digital camera. In 2004, a digital SLR was well out of budget, but I could just about stretch to the £300 or so that this digital compact cost. Six megapixels was – still is – ample for everyday use. But more importantly, the Finepix E550 offered full manual controls, a decent zoom lens, and RAW image capture. It even had an optical viewfinder – once commonplace, but a rarity by 2004.

Featured image: Gloucester Lane, Edinburgh, shot on Fujifilm Finepix E550 in 2005. Processed 2019 using DxO Photolab.

I loved that camera, and used it for several years alongside a film SLR. Eventually, of course, the price of digital SLRs crept down, and I swapped it for an Olympus E500. But when these photos were taken, the Olympus was still in the future …

And I Don't Want To Live This Life
‘And I don’t want to live this life’ – shot using Fujifilm Finepix E550 in 2005. Processed in 2005 using unidentified software – probably Adobe Photoshop Elements. If I were to process this image today, it would look very different. In 2005, though, I was still learning, still experimenting. Of course, I’m still learning and experimenting today, but the style has changed.

Summer Rental
‘Summer rental’ – an image from 2005.

Ocean Terminal
An image from the newly opened Ocean Terminal shopping mall in Edinburgh. The porthole lights echo the architecture of an ocean going liner from the jazz age.

‘Tensions’, 2005. This image is all about the lines.

3 thoughts on “Fujifilm Finepix E550

  1. Grabber shots, all – beautiful.
    A real pleasure to see such lovely work done with the wrongfully-superannuated CCD shooters. The of the woman on the temple(?) steps is gorgeous as is.


  2. I had to Google CCD. Interesting, I wasn’t even aware of the difference between CCD and CMOS, but I guess it explains why the Fujifilm images have a different feel from my photos taken on newer cameras.

    Thanks for the feedback, especially about the street shot of the woman sitting on the steps. I’ve tried reprocessing it a few times (I still have the original jpg) but I’ve never managed to capture the feel of that first edit.


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