What’s your ‘go to’ place when you want to test a new camera or lens? For me, for over ten years, it’s been Prestongrange Industrial Heritage Museum. It’s got everything – open all year round, easy access, just 20 minutes drive from home, and with an incredible selection of industrial architecture – both decaying and preserved.

Featured image: Preserved train carriage, Minolta Dynax 4, Minolta 24-50mm f4.0, Lomography 400 ASA.

Sadly, in recent years, Prestongrange has been getting steadily less accessible. Every time I go, there’s more fencing, and it’s harder to reshoot images from the same angles. Which means, in turn that there’s less point going. The whole point of a ‘go to’ location is that you know it so well that you don’t need to think about the angles – you just know where to go to test your equipment.

The images here were all taken during lens tests. Sadly, at least two of the images are now unrepeatable due to access problems.

Winding Gear
Winding gear, Panasonic DMC-FZ150

Abandoned rail truck
Detail of an old goods wagon, Minolta X370, 50mm lens, Lomography 400 converted to mono using On1 Raw.

Abandoned Footbridge
Abandoned footbridge, presumably awaiting restoration. Olympus OMD EM10 Mark 2, Panasonic 12-60mm 12-60mm f3.5 to 5.6

Rail tracks, Canon Powershot S3 IS

3 thoughts on “Prestongrange

  1. Looks like an interesting place – kind of reminds me of the Tramway Museum in Derbyshire, and a few other places around here.
    Mulling it over, I guess my local go to spot is Kenilworth Castle near Warwick. I don’t go there to test new gear as such, it’s just that we go there so often anything generally ends up there anyway.
    I love the photos, I can see why the access would be annoying though – it certainly annoys me when you find a great place and they start to change and muck about with everything.


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