A Very British Day Out

Thirlestane Castle, in the Scottish Borders, is the venue for the annual classic car show by the Borders Vintage Automobile Club. I went there in 2018 with my Minolta Dynax 4, shooting Lomography 400. The first thing that surprised me was that, among all those beautiful vintage cars, I seemed to be the only person shooting film.

Featured image: MG-B in front of Thirlestane Castle, June 2018. All photos taken with Minolta Dynax 4, Minolta 24-50mm f4.0, Lomography 400.

What gives? Surely a classic car show should be a honeypot for vintage cameras? But no. I saw lots of phone cameras, lots of Canons and Nikons, but no-one shooting film. Oh well, their loss. I had my phone camera too, and I took some pretty passable record shots with it, but nothing that came close to matching the atmosphere of these film shots.

Morris Traveller in the background. Not sure about the front car – it might be another Morris Minor.

Italian sports cars. Not really my sort of thing – I prefer the British cars – but they sure looked magnificent driving round the parade ground.

That’s a Bentley in the foreground and, I think, an MG-T behind it.

This character entertained us by providing his own commentary while performing stunts! The weather was failing by this time. Kudos to him for staying upright on the wet grass.

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