5 thoughts on “How I Organise My Photos

  1. Very logical, I completely understand why you have this structure when location seems so important. Can I ask why it is so important?

    My approach the location is secondary, in fact hardly of any importance at all. I could photograph a leaf or a church or a decaying barn door anywhere in the county/country/world and the actual location has very little relevance to me, and has no impact on the photograph itself. So it makes me very curious why it seems so important with your filing?


    1. It’s just the way I remember. Even if I’m photographing, as you suggest, a flower or a barn door, my visual memory is always tied into a sense of place. If I mostly shot portraits, my folder structure would be person based. But mostly I shoot buildings, objects, and scenes. And I always remember where I took the photo.

      There’s more to my organisational structure than this. I also use star ratings, tagging, and even colour coding. But that’s for a future post.

      Thank you for a question that made me think about my answer.


      1. It’s funny because in my day job I oversee a set of folders on a set network drive, and they are very logically organised. For example there’s a folder for legal agreements, then a subfolder for each year, then within those a subfolder for each of four geographically areas, then within those a subfolder for each set of documents for the legal agreement. We use a different system with maps to identify a certain agreement, then from the year, area and unique id no of the agreement we can easily find the original scanned paperwork.

        But with photography, now I’m not shooting film and don’t need to record the camera, lens, film etc (all in the EXIF if I do need it), my tagging is focused on the content of the actual photograph.

        I guess different systems work best for different applications – sometimes you need a very structured logical hierarchy, and sometimes the more organic and loose tag and search method works best.


    1. Same here – I also use some thematic topics, e.g. wildlife, sports – and protests! But the majority of my photos are location based, so it makes sense to use that as the basis for most of my organisation.

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