Handa Island on Fuji Superia 200

St Kilda has its own mythology, and quite rightly. One of the remotest parts of the Outer Hebrides, the story of its abandonment in 1930 has captured the imagination of poets, artists and musicians ever since. But few people ever visit St Kilda. It’s simply too far, and the weather is too unpredictable.

Ever wanted to experience the romance of St Kilda for a fraction of the cost, and just a few miles from the North Coast 500? Like St Kilda, Handa was a self sufficient island community. Like St Kilda, Handa had its own parliament. Like St Kilda, the inhabitants voluntarily abandoned the island.

In 1841, Handa had a population of 61. By 1847, following the potato famine, the population had emigrated to Nova Scotia. Today, it is solely inhabited by birds.

I visited in 2003, equipped with a roll of Fuji Superia 200 and a Canon EOS 3000 with kit lens. The weather was brooding. Perfect. The ferry was tiny – that’s it at the top of the page – so at times, it felt like my wife and I had the island to ourselves. And the ghosts, of course.

Tarbet – the starting point for our journey
One of the abandoned blackhouses on the island
The geology is fabulous – just don’t stray too close to the edge
The sheer cliffs

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