Lost Aberdeen

Featured image: A traffic warden watches suspiciously as a Volkswagen Golf reverses out of an illegal parking space. This image, from approximately 1984, was shot in Aberdeen city centre. The soup kitchen is long gone. Replaced - last time I looked - by an expensive designer candle shop. Ships tied up in Aberdeen Harbour. You … Continue reading Lost Aberdeen

Five things I learned scanning 1,751 35mm negatives

In January 2018, I bought a Plustek Opticfilm 8100 35mm scanner, with the intention of scanning and archiving my collection of 35 year collection of film negatives. Friends were cynical. I'd get bored. I'd give up after a few weeks. I should wait until I had more time (which I took as code for "wait … Continue reading Five things I learned scanning 1,751 35mm negatives

A Very British Day Out

Thirlestane Castle, in the Scottish Borders, is the venue for the annual classic car show by the Borders Vintage Automobile Club. I went there in 2018 with my Minolta Dynax 4, shooting Lomography 400. The first thing that surprised me was that, among all those beautiful vintage cars, I seemed to be the only person … Continue reading A Very British Day Out

How I got here

I'm a good photographer. Really. But I'm a better storyteller. And while photo sharing websites - Flickr, Instagram, Facebook - do a great job of showcasing individual images, they're not nearly as good at telling stories.  I started taking photos in 1983. The camera was a Zenit E. A very basic camera, not particularly aspirational, … Continue reading How I got here